If you want to discuss the way games are changing and evolving, there’s few better examples than 1979 Revolution. Tackling the heavy issue of the Iranian cultural revolution the game announced a release window of early Fall 2015. They also released an impressive trailer showing the first episode of series.

It has been an unlikely road for 1979 Revolution.  After the developer, Ink Stories, failed to generate the $395,000 needed to complete the project, it seemed to be another project lost to the ether.  But there was silver lining to the ill-fated Kickstarter campaign as it helped generate interest from independent backers.

“We raised the money privately through people who were interested in coming on board as equity investors,”  Said Creative Director, Navid Khonsari, speaking to Eurogamer. “Most games don’t get financed in this way.”

1979 Revolution will be released on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.  It is currently listed on Steam Greenlight and Ink Stories is “in talks with Sony and Microsoft about console releases”.


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