Do you like boyfriends? What about weapons in a dungeon? If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions, then Boyfriend Dungeon might be the game for you.

Currently in development by Kitfox Games, who brought us Moon Hunters and The Shrouded IsleBoyfriend Dungeon is a dungeon crawler dating sim where the weapons you amass in your hack-and-slash adventure are personified as attractive date-able cuties not limited to the boyfriend variety, as the title may have you believe: you can have boyfriend broadswords, girlfriend gladii, and even non-binary Nodachi, in what the developers are promising will be an “inclusive, tasteful approach to gender and sexuality.”

The aim of the game will be to romance your prospective parrying partners by taking them on dates to the  “dunj”, levelling them up in the process. Much like their personalities, the feel of each weapon will differ greatly, so there shouldn’t be much trouble finding a play style to suit you best, though there can’t be any guarantees that you’ll both work well in combat and get on in conversation. And that’s another very interesting layer to the game – trying to enjoy the company of your weapon of choice – that I haven’t seen another game explore to any real degree.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am very excited to get my hands on Boyfriend Dungeon to live out my lifelong fantasy of having a romantic candlelight dinner and a smooching sesh with a Kukri.

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