A torrent titled “The Roguelike Mega Collection” has come to our attention via Reddit and bundles over 700 games for the low price of nothing. Reddit user foamed posted that the torrent had been a passion project resulting in the fear that “games will eventually be lost in time due to servers going down”

The creator insists in his description “All games in this torrent are either free, demos or/and open source…It does not include any illegal or pirated content, if there’s a paid version of the game it’s not included, only free games are featured” adding “If you do however find any or don’t want me to share your game then please let me know and I’ll get right on it.”

The poster is a moderator on the subreddit /r/Games and while other users have ran antivirus scans on the files, you should double check yourself before considering the download. Some of the games included are Spelunky, TileRogue and Angband. Others can be found in the complete listing here.

Source: Roguelike Mega Collection brings 700+ free games into one torrent [Destructoid]

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