Running a website is challenging, exciting, and ultimately quite scary. It’s a bit like taking a really cute baby that you love, but the baby injects you with daily shots of crippling self-doubt and is also on fire, but does sweet tricks on it’s tricycle. But, much like a hypothetical, anxiety-inducing, child knock-off of Ghost Rider, it’s something that you can’t help but fall in love with.

For the past few months now, I’ve been running my own personal website, It seems I’ve found my brand in violently beating video games with a hammer and sickle, and then writing about how they’re clearly all supposed to be about Communism. It’s a niche that I’ve fallen into quite successfully, but it never gets any less exciting and terrifying all at once, and I have a lot of people to thank for my successes, not least of all is Indie Haven.

I started my time at the site in the first quarter of 2016, with little experience outside of a small freelance feature commissioned by Laura Dale (a founding member of this site) pieces that I’d thrown together for a portfolio that, while promising, were also in great need of improvement. And I was met with a team of damned good writers who gave me invaluable advice, and a fantastic editor in my now predecessor, Josh Hinke. If it weren’t for him and the rest of the contributors at Indie Haven, and the friendship and guidance of Laura, I don’t think I’d be where I am today.

So, when Josh announced his seeking out for a new Editor-in-Chief to succeed him, I jumped at the opportunity. Indie Haven has done so much for me as a writer, and the opportunity to help it continue to flourish was something that I couldn’t pass up. I had big ideas and a lot of passion and excitement. But it’s… scary. And overwhelming. Sure, I run my own website; but nothing to the scale of Indie Haven, and nothing in the realm of managing a team. But I’m confident. The writers here have been nothing but supportive during this transitional process, and I can only thank them for it. And soon enough, I hope to trigger an explosion of content here.

We have a lot of plans for our little baby, and I can’t wait for you all to see them unfold.

About The Author


Astrid is the equivalent of Lenin if Indie Haven were the Bolshevik Party. But it's not, she's just the Editor-in-Chief. When she's not mashing Communism into video games and writing about how it makes sense on her personal website, they're manning the ship here, as well as writing news, reviews, and features all about the indie games industry.

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  • I’ve asked every editor to make the carousel thing in the sidebar stop moving (it’s a constant chore to manage just to read this website) uncontrollably. It’s damn near a tradition now. So I pass the request onto you! Just make that thing stop 🙂

    Anyway, you’re kind of late. There’s not been a new story up all month. Technically all year! Good luck.

  • IN-ADDITION: I want to add something encouraging. Please please please try do your best to move this website in a more informative direction by not harping on the same subjects that have both A) already been on this site, and B) are already on so many sites everywhere. There must be a great big world of video games out there, but what I see in the press is a much smaller world than I remember in the 90s. Also, please keep it to indie stuff. The word is in the damn title. The more indie (the more obscure) the better. Cover them once, and make them count. Move on.

    (Yes you can just let young writers write what they want, but encourage them to test their limits. Frankly I’d prefer that you whip them into shape, with iron resolve, but it’s not like any other games website is doing anything better. Most of them seem to be dead and dying right now. Kill Screen hasn’t really published anything lately either. Their ship appears to be going down. People have been laid off, and even Jamin authored a piece yesterday, which hasn’t happened in like years. Game writing seems to be going to the wayside. I don’t know why, but I do know it’s not been interesting in a long time, which could explain something. Though it could just as well not.)

  • Densely pales

    you’re gonna do such a great job!