Transmigration: Into Darkness Peering is a new narrative-driven, combat-free single-player adventure game from Polish studio Transhuman Design.

With a focus on transcendental ideologies and existential crises, Transmigration weaves a comically dark and offbeat tale in a perpetually rain-soaked city, asking us what we would do if presented with the choice to relive our lives differently.

In the game, players are cast as Joseph, a seemingly wheelchair-bound elderly man who, compounded by the inanity of his 9-5 life, considers a trip to the Transmigration Clinic. Here, people can rewrite their own history and attempt to live their lives in a different way, though when the game begins, Joseph has yet to commit himself to making the trip.

Speaking about the game, developer Transhuman Design was keen to push the medium forward with the exploration of eclectic themes, saying, “Transmigration grew from the need to create something quite different and a bit personal – it’s a game about an unusual friendship, depression, euthanasia, weird dreams and dark humor.  We’d like to inspire people and try to push the medium forward a little bit. Whether we manage to do it or not – we’d like to try.”

No trailers have been released for the game, but Transmigration: Into Darkness Peering can be glimpsed in motion over on the official site.

Presently, Transmigration: Into Darkness Peering is set to be released for Windows PC and Mac sometime in early 2015. Transhuman Design have promised that further platforms are yet to be announced.

Source: Joystiq

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