Swedish studio Image & Form have announced SteamWorld Heist, a follow-up to their earlier effort, SteamWorld Dig.

A space-themed, turn-based strategy affair that is completely different from the Metroidvania stylings of its predecessor, SteamWorld Heist has players scavenging precious materials across a variety of worlds with a team of androids.

Despite the shift in genre, SteamWorld Heist’s Aesthetics still have a great deal in common with attractive, 2D worlds seen in SteamWorld Dig.

Although not a bespoke sequel to 2013 platformer, SteamWorld Heist nevertheless does takes place in the same universe, though some two hundred or so years later.

After their planet is destroyed, the robot populace find themselves jettisoned out into space in their steam-powered space craft. In order to survive, other ships need to be robbed, planets need to be mined and space stations need to be relieved of their precious resources.

Envisaged as a turn-based strategy game, players will take charge of a crew, plan raids and manage supplies. Where the game differs from other efforts in the same ilk, is that all of this is done via the game’s 2D side-scrolling platforming mechanics; something that the developer will no doubt hope endear it to fans of SteamWorld Dig.

The turn-based action kicks into gear when attacks are carried out, with such raids proving to be very difficult but allowing players to gain skills in the process.

SteamWorld Heist is due to release sometime in early 2015 but platforms have yet to be named.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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