Sad news for those of you holding out for a VR version of first-person horror game Among the Sleep, it seems the game’s developers have cancelled the plan to add Virtual Reality options to the game.

In a blog post on their website the games developers Krillbite said that although they liked what VR does for games, they spent a lot of time designing Among the Sleeps camera movement to feel like you were controlling a small child and it didn’t work well with VR.

They described how when they initially experimented with VR for the game but felt that sections where players were physically forced to watch scenes in the game didn’t work well in Virtual Reality.

According to Krillbite paralyzing the player’s sense of freedom and perspective completely shattered the feeling of immersion and broke the trust they were building up between the game and player.

They added: “The story we want to tell and the relationship we want to build between the player and the child isn’t doable for virtual reality.”

However, it’s not all bad news as Krillbite have said they’re considering using assets from Among the Sleep for a possible Virtual Reality demo in the future.


Among the Sleep Developer Abandoning VR Version: [Gamespot]

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  • I wish we’d take a more mature view of “VR” and just think of it as a monitor in your face that lets you use your neck to move one of the analog sticks instead of your thumb.

    It’s never going to work seamlessly. Grow up, not all games can be sitting in chair formats so you can achieve some man-child dream of seamless high gloss commercial fantasy. 90% of VR for video games is solving the projection distortion problem (flat screens distort the image, and it only becomes unnoticeable at around a 10 degree angle of view, which is completely unplayable. The bedrock of in your face 3D games is incredibly shaky, and always has been. Just look at the distortion in the still image on the video graphic.)