Xbox horror fans have something to celebrate as the first-person adventure game Among the Sleep heads to the Xbox One later this year.  The announcement came directly from the developer, Krillbrite Studio, via Twitter earlier this week.

Already available on PC and PlayStation 4, Among the Sleep tells the story of a toddler who loses their mother and searches for her with the help of their teddy bear.  There’s some heavy layesr in there I won’t get into, but the game goes to some dark places.

Indie Haven’s own Isaac Federspiel reviewed the game and said:

Among the Sleep has scary portions, which it demonstrates very well…The big issue with Among the Sleep is that it’s incredibly unpolished.”

Hopefully Krillbrite has continued to work on Among the Sleep, before it’s Xbox One release.  No release date has been announced, but we’ll keep our ears to the ground.

Source: Twitter

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