It’s not surprising that Tokyo Dark piqued my interest, since I’m big into dark, psychological crime thriller anime shows like Psycho Pass and Death Note.

Cherrymochi studios released a fresh trailer for its game Tokyo Dark to coincide with the launch of its Steam Greenlight campaign and my inner otaku couldn’t help but become excited. The story takes place in Tokyo with the main character Detective Ayanami Itō hunting for her missing partner. Things quickly go awry as the case begins to test the limits of her own sanity This story-centric point-and-click adventure game looks incredibly dark with blood and disturbing imagery cut throughout the trailer.

The game first debut on the Square Enix Collective, which is a platform run the Japanese developer to help indies publish their games. Tokyo Dark was popular amongst the community garnering a 96 percent approval rating. Cherrymochi now takes the game to Steam Greenlight with an eye toward an eventual Kickstarter campaign. Tokyo Dark is slated to be released for PC and Mac in 2016

Tokyo Dark features all the genre trappings: ethical decisions, branching narratives and even multiple endings. Much of the gameplay involves exploring locations and solving context-based puzzles as the story demands, but  what’s most intriguing is how the game handles social interactions. Each decision raises or lowers a range of social statistics that either open up or cut off entire branches of the plot so a huge part of the game will be monitoring Detective Itō’s mental state.

The art style of this game looks really slick and has the look and feel of a well-produced anime title. The game sprites look much like traditional anime characters with 3D rendered environments and lighting to serve as a backdrop.

Cherrymochi is an independent game studio based in Japan and run by UK native Jon Williams. Williams moved to Japan five years ago on a backpacking trip and only planned to stay long enough to find inspiration for a future project. He ended up staying in the country for good after the Tōhoku earthquake and Fukushima nuclear disaster. Tokyo Dark is a title that speaks to his experiences with Japanese culture.

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