Edmund McMillen, creator of roguelike phenomenon The Binding Of Isaac, has announced the release date for the game’s new expansion, Afterbirth. The DLC will be available to buy for PC from the 30th of October (otherwise known as Devil’s Night) and will be launched for consoles at a later date. Given the games macabre horror aesthetic, he definitely couldn’t have picked a better night to be releasing the expansion.

In the announcement, which came via his blog, McMillen claims that the DLC will add over 100 hours of content to the overall game experience, making “rebirth feel like a completely new game.” The expansion promises to add plenty of new content to the game, including hundreds of new items, over a thousand new rooms, and a new playable character, called Lilith, Mother of Demons. It will also include “Greed mode”, a new challenge focusing on risk/reward, and offering new endings, and a final boss. Add to all this the inclusion of Daily Runs, giving players a new excuse to play the game every day, and I think we can safely say, if this expansion delivers on its promises, fans of the game are going to be very happy indeed.

Afterbirth will retail at $9.99, although it will be available for pre-order, which will knock a “significant chunk,” off of the price tag. And if you just can’t wait until Devil’s Night, you can check out the release trailer here, to get a little taste of the disturbing madness headed your way.

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