After you’ve painted the walls with the splatters of space mutants on an intergalactic station, do you spare a thought for the poor sap who has to clean up all those alien entrails so employees can get back to their 9-5? No, me either. But now you can be that sap because first person janitor simulator Viscera Cleanup Detail has been released.

RuneStorm’s oddity has been kicking around on Early Access for quite some time, and it finally received an official launch on Friday.

The enemies have been vanquished, the hero victorious, and all that remains is the trail of carnage left behind. It’s your job to pick up the severed limbs and mop up obliterated organs to get the place cleaned up. It’s a living.

RuneStorm are currently finishing up the Mac version of the game, as well as some Halloween themed DLC.

Check out the trailer below for some good clean fun.

First-Person Swabber: Viscera Cleanup Detail Released [Rock Paper Shotgun]

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