Foxtail Games released the Alpha trailer for Brave Explorers today, a mobile game that uses physical building blocks and Augmented Reality to construct 2D platformer levels in the real world.

Brave Explorers is what you’d get if LittleBigPlanet and Skylanders had a baby. You can buy toy sets of different building blocks and obstacles that you assemble into a two-dimensional platforming stage.

Then, with the Brave Explorers app, you position your phone camera over the scene, and the game converts the blocks on-screen to in-game assets that you can navigate your player character over.

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It’s really bloody cool, and while it’s not the most portable experience, it looks like a lot of fun and is an excellent proof of concept for future augmented reality games, especially when we develop seamless on-eye augmented reality tech, like a more advanced Google Glass.

Until then, I’m very excited to eventually get my hands on Brave Explorers.

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