Broforce, the hyper masculine ode to all that’s good about the 16 bit era and ‘Murica, is set to come out of early access on the 15th October, for PC, Mac and Linux. There will also be a PS4 version, due to be released early next year.

To help us get hyped up for the game’s launch, developer Free Lives and Broforce musician Deon van Heerden have created the Freedom EP, a five-track album featuring a collection of power anthems, including this track dedicated to John Rambro:

If you pick up Broforce on Early Access before its full launch next week, you’ll get the album free of charge.

The game originally started life as a game jam entry, and has been available to play on Early Access since April 2014. Broforce’s campaign features up to four-player co-op and there’s also a versus mode for more competitive players. It’s also had a free update featuring an invasion of extraterrestrials, and an official The Expendables spin-off game.

Parodying a range of topics, including American patriotism and 80’s action movie tropes, Broforce fuses these into a fun retro side-scrolling platformer, which offers up comical destruction in spades. You take control of a hyper masculine “Bro,” as you run and gun your way through levels that wear away in response to your every shot. Trust me, literally everything explodes in this game. Think of it as Mario, crossed with Duke Nukem, with bob-ombs everywhere. If that doesn’t get you excited, nothing will.

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