Building Block Heroes is an upcoming game from developer Aggroblakh that uniquely fuses a 2D platformer with the construction and destruction of platforming surfaces through a matching-block puzzle game mechanic.

I’ll be completely honest and say that at a first glance of the trailer, Building Block Heroes as a game didn’t particularly grab me. But when I really thought about it and realized that its particular genre fusion isn’t one that I’d quite seen before, I decided to try out the beta build that we were given, and it’s actually quite cool.

The art style is rather charming, and echoes to mind the visual aesthetic of early-to-mid-2000’s children’s educational games, which is an oddly-specific yet nostalgic point of reference, but nonetheless very cute and well-designed. And in practice, the simultaneous platforming and block-matching work rather well together.

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Given more work from a small team, I feel like Building Block Heroes would have piqued my initial interest more successfully,  but as a solo developer’s second game, it’s certainly isn’t unimpressive. I’ll be playing more of this for review closer to the game’s release, which is later this year.

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