Just a few days ago it was announced that Castle Crashers Remastered will go live on the 9th of September. That’s today! However, it’s currently only available to North American Xbox One players. It was intended for the game to be free to those who owned the game on Xbox 360 up until the 20th of September, at which point it goes to $5 for previous owners. Anyone else who wants to get in on the action has to pony up $14.99.

However, the discount’s not yet live according to developer Behemoth, so previous owners aren’t able to get into it quite yet unless they feel like buying it again. They’re not alone in being left out as the PC version hasn’t gone up, nor has Behemoth commented on its release.

I almost burst with joy at the news of Remastered’s release, and my bubble was quickly burst when I realized the PC version wasn’t out after madly dashing to Steam to play it. I suppose I can survive without it for a while, if only just barely.