CHROMA is a platform puzzler about light and shadow, and it is absolutely blinding. Puns aside, my outright Game Of The Expo was the pure antithesis of the rest of the Eurogamer show floor. Outside of the Indie Arcade corridor, Earl’s Court was filled with colours, noises and an overabundance of people swarming from booth to booth. But inside Mark Foster’s dark, industrial underground, the atmosphere is far lonelier and engaging.

Gameplay involves taking control of a small, humanoid lightbulb, navigating your way through a cavernous expanse of tunnels and ruins with mysterious symbols etched into walls. The main player’s mechanics all involve using yourself as a light source, either to cast a shadow for your own silhouette to walk on, or to illuminate the solution to puzzles (sorry, last pun I swear). With such a complex system of player interactions, the design of some puzzles has been exceptionally well thought out, to the point that finally discovering a solution provides that perfect light-bulb-moment (ok, no more now).

Taking influence from a host of exploration-focused games, including Metroid, Fez and Dark Souls, one-man development team Foster strongly believes in story-telling through discovery. This is evident by a lack of overt signposting and a reliance on the player to piece together elements of the world around them, heightening the mystery of the subterranean setting.

Foster has been working on CHROMA, along with music man James Dean, for the better part of two years now. Before being picked for the Indie Arcade, little plans for the eventual release of the game had been made. But now, after receiving the Editors’ Choice award from Eurogamer, and a “promising” first look from Sony’s indie headhunter Shahid Kamal, CHROMA could well find its way to several platforms near you. When that will be, however, is still a mystery, even to Foster.

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