Indie gaming has seen a lot of interesting genre mash-ups over the course of its lifetime, but tactical turn-based combat and fighting game mechanics is a marriage that may have never been seen before.


In City of the Shroud, players explore the city of Iskendrun and participate in a power struggle between five major factions within the city. What’s more, the choices any one player makes will (hopefully) influence the game’s story. Utilizing an episodic format, developer Abyssal Arts plans to use the time between episodes to alter the game’s story in reaction to the community’s choices. Say, if you, your friends, and everyone else were to sack a particular faction’s market, that will not only make the attacked faction weaker but gain yours valuable influence during later episodes.


If you’re having trouble understanding, you’re probably not the only one – Abyssal is running a backers-only mini-campaign of sorts to show off an early build of the game and let people experience the kinds of effects players can have on the story it will tell.


City of the Shroud’s narrative isn’t its only conceit, and is perhaps overshadowed by its wholly unique combat system. Banner Saga fans would recognize it instantly, and only for an instant – turn-based combat over square, tiled battlefields are the only similarity here. Instead of clicking on enemies to beat them down, players can string together attacks via the game’s combo wheel to perform any number of offensive abilities. It’s a bit difficult to understand, so one would be forgiven for thinking of it as Street Fighter by way of Banner Saga. City also features player-versus-player modes utilizing this same combat system, which you can actually try out in the game’s Kickstarter demo.


Of all the things a Kickstarter game should be, City of the Shroud is, at the very least, affordable. A handful of people can pick up the game for $15 USD, the rest for $20 USD, and the entire campaign clocks in at a modest $45,000 USD. For those who are interested, the campaign page can be found here.