You’re interested in indie games. That’s why you come to Indie Haven and read our news, reviews and thoughtful analysis of the indie games scene. We all share a love for games, but I’m sure you have interests outside of gaming scene too.

That’s why Indie Haven are proud to join Crossroads Alpha. It’s a site for all of us that share a common interest in games, comic books and all things geeky. Crossroads Alpha is an alliance of sites, but it’s also a community where you can find thoughtful analysis that’s similar to the stuff you’ll find here at Indie Haven

If you’re interested in exploring the other sites under Crossroads Alpha, just look up at the black bar at the top of our site. The Crossroads Alpha website itself will take you to the hub, giving you a rundown of all the content going up on all websites (including Indie Haven). You can also explore each of the alliance sites yourself. But to save you running all over, here’s a quick rundown of a brother and sister sites and what they’re all about:

Comics Bulletin

CB Logo

If you like comic then this is the place for you. Here you’ll find all the information you’ll need about comic book culture. There’s news, reviews and some sharp and thoughtful analysis. It’s an active and friendly community if you’re looking for some folks to talk comics with.

Muse Hack

Muse Hack Logo

Do you spend enough time with a hobby that it may as well be your career? Muse Hack is here to help you do that. You may have seen several pieces by Steven Savage appear on Indie Haven. He’s a job coach and founder of Muse Hack and one of several writers there dedicated to helping you be better at the things your passionate about. Whether you’re a game developer, comic book artist, writer or cosplayer you’ll find something here to help you do it better.

Seventh Sanctum

Seventh Sanctum Logo

Seventh Sanctum here for inspiration. If you need help building a help building a world for your creative work, perhaps generate a new name for the goblin sorcerer or simply need something to get you out of that creative rut then this is the site for you.

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