Brace Yourself Games is bringing their well-received rhythm/rogue-like mashup Crypt of the Necrodancer to PS4 and Vita. There’s no official release date as of yet, but one could safely presume it to be sometime later in the year.

The PS4 and Vita versions promise some additional content, namely a chiptune remix soundtrack by Jake “Virt” Kaufman, of Shovel Knight fame. Sadly, according to replies made to the announcement on Sony’s PlayStation blog, there will be no option to use your own MP3s due to licensing issues.

Necrodancer does an interesting job of balancing the difficulty of a rogue-like with the lightness and arcade-y flavor of a rhythm game. Our own Jose San Mateo had a lot of positive thoughts about it, as you can see in his review from May.


Source: Sony PlayStation blog

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