Darkest Dungeon is a game I’ve been playing since its debut on the Steam storefront. The only way I can describe the joy of playing this game is by comparing it to sinking your teeth into a big juicy steak, one that you know you won’t have again for quite a while so you sparingly savour the flavour.

Darkest Dungeon’s most recent update titled ‘Fiends and Frenzy’ brings in a whole range of updates including new bosses, new loot and two new hero classes to play as.

The devs posted on their website about their first significant update:

“We’ve worked very hard to bring you a meaty update to the game, and we can’t wait to hear what you think.  There are a ton of new features, improvements and bug fixes in this patch”


The update’s new classes are Arbelest and Man-At-Arms. The Arbelest carries a heavy crossbow and is able to act as a sniper to faraway enemies. The Man-At-Arms meanwhile is a robust and durable guy, compared to the Paladin but with extra support abilities instead of offense. As well as the new classes, you can look forward to wrestling with three new bosses, new town locations, new items and a host of gameplay tweaks. The Steam patch notes go into greater detail here.

Red Hook Studios also gave word on their new partnership with Curse/Gamepedia and announced their official Darkest Dungeon wiki.

Already having a dedicated following, myself included, Darkest Dungeon keeps pulling me in again and again, something an early access game usually has trouble with. Red Hook Studios finished their post with a humble “Thanks to all of you for being part of our Early Access community!”