The neon survival racing game Distance has gotten a 2016 release window alongside a new update.

The developer Refract mentioned in their Steam blog post announcing the Revamped Reality update that they’re hoping for a Q1 to Q2 release in 2016. They believe it could be “tech complete” by the end of 2015, but not quite “content complete”.

“If you’re anxiously awaiting the release all I can say is that we’re moving as fast as we can while still retaining a certain level of quality,” said Jordan Hemenway, coder and composer at Refract. “It would be even slower without the continual feedback from the early access community. Thanks as always for being a part of this exhilarating development.”

One of the major parts of the Revamped Reality update, is the transition to Unity 5 for Distance. The noticeable changes from the update include faster level loading, virtual reality support, a cockpit view, and some other improvements listed below. Whether or not you have purchased into the Distance Early Access on Steam, the update surely shows progress toward its release.

  • Better overall performance
  • UI revamp (with mouse support)
  • Challenge and Soccer mode improvements
  • Improved car color customization
  • Improved player names in multplayer
  • New physics engine
  • New level editor assets
  • More bug fixes

Feast your eyes upon the trailer below showing footage from VR in cockpit view. It looks terrifying and I can only imagine how many times I’d throw up.

Have you gotten your hands on Distance yet? Let us know in the comments below how it is!

Source: Steam Blog Post, Patch Notes