Double Fine has announced that their Game of Thrones inspired, turn-based strategy game, Massive Chalice, will arrive on Xbox One as a console exclusive in early 2015.

PC owners needn’t panic however, as the studio has said the Xbox One launch will not impact the game’s scheduled PC release.  Kickstarter backers will still be the first to receive the game.

“We thought we’d kick out a quick update to clear up any confusion that this might cause,” Double Fine explains in a new Kickstarter update. “Nothing has changed with our plans to bring Massive Chalice to the PC and to make it available for our backers first. YEAH! During this time we’ll be porting the game to the Xbox One.”

A feudal strategy fantasy game, Massive Chalice allows players to raise armies, invade territories, start a bloodline and play as generations of your offspring.

After raising $1.2 million on Kickstarter in 2013, Massive Chalice represented Double Fine’s second dip into Kickstarter.  The game followed in the crowdfunding footsteps of Double Fine Adventure, which beat its funding goal more than three times to the tune of $3.3 million and later became known as Broken Age.

The release of Massive Chalice on Xbox One joins other notable indie efforts on the console such as Cuphead, Below and the recently announced Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty.

Source: ScrewAttack