Developer Batterystaple Games did an ask-me-anything last night on Reddit for Echoes of Eridu, which has three days left on its Kickstarter campaign. It’s a homage to the Mega Man and Mega Man X franchises, but with roguelike elements and multiplayer. The AMA covered topics like how multiplayer will work, the developers personal lives and what will happen if they’re not funded on Kickstarter.

Its multiplayer will work both online with Steam Friends and locally through LAN-play. Art director Zach Urtes revealed that while there will be a recommended number of players for a single player run, there is no cap. “You have a 12 person LAN party? Knock yourselves out,” Urtes said in the AMA.

echoes2sword.jpgSome indie games notoriously have difficulty handling multiplayer. One Reddit user pointed out that multiplayer is ambitious for a team of five to handle, but the developers of Echoes of Eridu have focused on making multiplayer work since early on in the project.

“We knew networked multiplayer would be a challenge,” Urtes said. “Which is why our netcode was the first thing we tackled. Earlier builds of the game have netcode up and running! We should have it on this current build within a month or so!”

Echoes of Eridu is currently just under $3,000 away from its $20,000 goal at the time of this story being published. However, there is a chance that the campaign will fail. In this event, Batterystaple Games doesn’t plan on giving up on Echoes of Eridu, according to company founder Chris King.

“If we don’t make it, yes, the release date will probably change,” King said. “We’re not giving up on the project no matter what, but we might have to get at-least-part-time jobs to be able to support ourselves.”

echoes2gunThe story for the Mega Man homage has a lot of familiarity with its inspiration. In essence, robots have taken over the world and the last remaining humans are converted into robo-man hybrids to fight against humanities overthrowers. Where it gets interesting, though, is how elements of the story are also based off Sumerian mythology.

“We were kicking around the names for the game for months,” Urtes said. “We originally had a much sillier name… but Eridu is a city in ancient Sumerian myth. Most of our official unique boss names are references to Sumerian gods. It allowed us to use a mythos that we hadn’t really seen before and it allowed us to establish a naming convention. That, and it totally sounds like an awesome sky-temple!”

Echoes of Eridu, if funded, will release around November. Batterystaple Games also plans to release it via Steam Early Access this summer.

You can read the AMA in full here, or visit the Kickstarter page for more information on Echoes of Eridu.

Source: Reddit AMA