Deep Loot is a game about a diver with some kind of drill device looking for treasure under the waves of the sea. You have a set amount of air and you tap the screen of your touch device to swim around, fight sea creatures, dig through blocks and collect treasures before your time runs out. It’s a fairly predictable formula, but executed very intelligently to take advantage of the “not really concentrating on the second screen” aspect of grinding mobile games while watching TV.

In Deep Loot, you have an oxygen gauge that drops lower as you explore the underwater world looking for treasure. What I initially didn’t notice is that, deliberately, the tank stops dropping if you stop doing things within the game. You loose air by moving, drilling or fighting, but if you look away to pay attention to a friend or watch something on TV for a few seconds, the game doesn’t penalize you for doing so. It makes it a game you can have on in the background while you do something else, which is very interesting in terms of the games loot grind mechanic.

The game employs a Free To Play structure, allowing you to earn riches while diving to spend on upgrades to thinks like your drill, tank or appearance, but these can be bought quicker with real money transactions. The fact that the game seems to make grinding while doing something else so easy is interesting, as it’s weighted in favour of the player being able to earn their way to things rather than spending money. If this will be a wise move for the developer long term remains to be seen, but it made repeated play for grinding purposes a less daunting prospect.

While I didn’t get a huge amount of time with the game, I came away pleased with how good it looked, how well the gameplay loop kept me engaged and the games upgrade model. There were a few crashes, but I’ve been assured these will be dealt with before release (they were seemingly triggered by overzelous tapping/ clicking). I’ll be interested to give the game a longer look at home, in a multitasking grinding environment, but it was an enjoyable click to explore game and has the potential to suck up a lot of my time.

Disclosure: While the game is coming to touch screen devices, I was playing a PC build of the game using a mouse.

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