I came into playing The Nightjar with no idea what to expect. I’d been told it was a game about sound and the way that sound can be used to find your way, but I was completely unprepared for the highly gripping audio drama that was about to unfold.

The Nightjar is a game in which you play someone on an abandoned spacecraft, stripped of your ability to see and completely dependent on the sounds around you, along with the guiding voice of Benedict Cumberbatch. Before we go any further, headphones are an essential and vital part of this experience as you need to make sure you’re getting stereo audio to the correct ears. You’re tasked with navigating a ship, activating sensors, finding lifts and avoiding terrifying creatures using only your sense of hearing, your ability to tell which direction a sound is coming from and your minds ability to paint a picture of the environment around you.


The Nightjar does a fantastic job of painting an audio picture of a world that’s so strong I could see it painted in my mind. Not since the We’re Alive audio drama podcast have I found a world that, through just audio, felt so alive and real, transporting me completely away from the crowded London bar I was demoing the game at. I was jumping when I heard creatures right beside me, tiptoeing because I could feel how close the next monster was and I completely bought into Cumberbatch’s role as the person on the radio leading me to safety. It felt unbelievably real and it’s the sort of thing that’s hard to appreciate until you’re experiencing it for yourself.


I had to pull myself away from the game eventually due to time constraints but I was left desperate to see more. The game is available right now on the iOS App Store and from what I’ve played, it’s an incredibly gripping audio drama that I’m hoping has a solid conclusion to make it’s payoff worth while.

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