Gary Carr, Creative Director of Microsoft’s Lionhead studios, has announced that he has left the studio, to set up a new venture in independent games development. The announcement came in the form of a statement to Gamespot, and brings to a close twelve years working with the company.

Since the departure of Peter Molyneux, Carr has been Lionhead’s most senior developer, working on the development of new IP’s. His exit from the studio indicates that these new IP’s, whatever they may be, are presumably far enough into the development process that it was okay for him to leave these projects.

It remains to be seen how successful his transition into indie development will be. More and more studio heads are fleeing triple-A studios in favour of creating new independent projects, with varying levels of success. After leaving Lionhead in 2012 to set up 22Cans, Peter Molyneux notably came under fire earlier this year for his new project, Godus. In 2012, Cliff Bleszinski (popularly known as CliffyB) left Epic Games, returning to the industry two years later, to establish Boss Key Productions. The studio is yet to release its first game, the upcoming free-to-play shooter LawBreakers.

Carr does have prior experience operating within an indie studio, which may be invaluable to him in his new business venture. Between 1998 and 2003, he was the managing director of Mucky Foot Productions, the studio most famous for the 2001 release, Urban Chaos, an action adventure game for the Dreamcast, PC, and PlayStation. Although Mucky Foot didn’t stand the test of time, the indie scene is now a very different place to what it was back then.

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