We at Indie Haven have managed to get our hands on some exclusive new screenshots of Mecho Tales, the upcoming 2D platformer from Arcade Distillery, developers of Plague Road.

The new trailer for the game dropped last week, and gave us a look at what to expect when Mecho Tales releases later this year.

But Arcade Distillery’s PR and communications guy Conrad Zimmerman (who for disclosure purposes guested on this recent episode of the Real Heroes podcast) gave us some screenshots of the game that we haven’t seen before.

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Mecho Tales takes place in the same universe as the critically-acclaimed Mecho Wars, designed by current member of the Arcade Distillery team, Luc Bernard, also known in the industry for his involvement in Eternity’s Child and Imagination is the Only Escape.

It’s going to have twenty stages, and you’ll be running and gunning in 360 degrees with the help of your combat drone, ‘Robot Buddy.’ It looks absolutely gorgeous, and also includes some 4-player co-operative action.

We’ll soon be showcasing this on the Indie Haven Twitch channel, so stay tuned and follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date about when that’ll be happening.