Control an old dude’s head in this point and click game, The Grandfather.

The Grandfather is a story driven game that follows an old man, “tormented by the coldness of his wife.” The trailer below from August shows our floating head wandering a bathroom with a time stamp on it for August 25, 1989. In his melancholy mood, the old man lights a shower curtain on fire because why not?

Something neat that jumped out at me from a press release is how the soundtrack is created by user actions. That doesn’t mean you play a piano on the side and you’ve got your soundtrack. But rather, certain actions you make in the game seem as though they will create an eerie theme to follow you around.

The developer MPR ART Hallucinations is launching an IndieGoGo campaign for The Grandfather on Oct. 3. It’s planned for PC and Mac this spring, with a PlayStation 4 launch afterward. For a taste of what it has to offer, you can try the demo for both PC and Mac on