Former developers from Darksiders have teamed up to Kickstart their JRPG Battle Chasers: Nightwar.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is inspired by the comic 15 years ago, Battle Chasers, which ended on a cliffhanger. The comic was created by Joe Madureira, now CEO and Creative Director at Airship Syndicate, currently working on the game. The developer is attempting to bring back the comic in the form of a game through their Kickstarter with a $500,000 goal. At the time of this article being written, it was at $283,517.


The story follows an impenetrable wall of mist known as The Grey Line that people never seem to escape alive. After a great hero by the name of Aramus felt the need to go into the mist, he never returned. Gully, one of five heroes in the game, is the daughter of Aramus and is following in his footsteps to find what happened to him. Players will be challenged by randomly generated dungeons alongside 2D animation clips to tell the story.

“Talking back and forth about what you’re working on day to day and really seeing that, immediately happen in the game is really cool and different than working in a big studio,” says Jesse Carpenter, describing the indie atmosphere at Airship Syndicate.

The developers have proven in their Kickstarter that this isn’t one intern from Vigil Games (developer of Darksiders), showing that their claim is true. Madureira and designer Ryan Stefanelli were among the founding members of Vigil Games. Other developers from the former company include Steve Madureira (Animation Director), Christopher Brooks (Technical Director), and Jesse Carpenter (Environment Lead).

Access to a digital version of the game was originally priced at $20, jumping to $25 now, eventually $27, and lastly $30 due to early bird versions of the first three. The highest pledge available is $10,000, limited to five backers, and already two slots have been filled. The Legendary Edition includes the following:

  • The “Ultimate Collector’s Edition”
  • Working with Madureira to design a creature
  • Helping design a set of weapons or point of interest
  • Given the hand-drawn artwork for your creation and any rough sketches along the way
  • A personal thank you note
  • Your name in the credits and listed on the website in the “Hall of Chasers”
  • A sketch card from Madureira
  • An invitation to the wrap party for the game
  • Five gift copies alongside your copy to share
  • Access to alpha level events

Airship Syndicate wants to release Battle Chasers: Nightwar on PC and Mac, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in stretch goals. All Kickstarter backers will get a unique weapon skin for the hero Garrison. In collaboration with Nordic Games (the owner of Darksiders), every backer will get the Chaoseater weapon from Darksiders.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is also going through the Steam Greenlight process.