Spent the past few days in a huge ball of stress? Don’t worry, our top pick this week has some simple mechanics, relaxing music and no punishment for failure.

Strand is a quiet little puzzle game reliant on linking up nodes of appropriate colours. There’s no limit to how many moves you can try, and your ‘solutions’ are never locked in. Without the imminent threat of failure it’s one of those games you can play without worrying. That said, it’s still incredibly satisfying when you do successfully figure it out! Great to play in short chunks to unwind – and best of all, it’s available for iOS 7 so that you can play it wherever you are.

Or maybe you fancy something a bit more competitive? For those of you who can relate to the quote “Biting’s excellent. It’s like kissing, only there’s a winner!” (Had to get Doctor Who in here somewhere, it is the fiftieth anniversary after all), I Love You But You Kiss Like A Girl is a short game about kissing, where you have to outmaneuver your opponent/lover. We found this great game via Forest Ambassador who you should definitely keep an eye on if this is your thing.

Still not aggressive enough? Check out Jostle Bastard (pictured top) – a brilliant, satirical take on Hotline Miami. With the same neon colours, it’s all about irritating your fellow citizen by bumping into them. You jostle people on a dancefloor, in your office job – you even jostle your own furniture! Clever, but now the Brit in me feels the need to tut at the creators for being so dreadfully rude.

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Jenni is studying philosophy and religion, but likes to pretend her two true loves (gaming and science fiction) are totally relevant to that. When she isn't playing games, you can find her making exciting things in museums or hidden in a pile of books. You can find her on twitter @geekessays.

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