Hello one and all, it’s time for the long overdue return of the Free Games Roundup. Want to try new gaming experiences you might not have seen? Have a smaller gaming budget than the pocket change down the back of your friend’s sofa? Well then FGR might just be the feature for you.

Veracity & Purpose: A Collection of The Works of Robert Ells is an incredibly unusual game. Written as a trip around an exhibition of a little-known pastoral artist, it touches on a lot of surprisingly big ideas for such a little twine project. You begin by reading the notes of one Dr. Ellen Mitchell, responsible for the exhibition, before looking at the paintings she has so painstakingly described. As you walk, you’ll confront the idea that perhaps the scholar’s view is flawed – or perhaps yours is. Set aside a good chunk of time for this, and allow yourself to enjoy the beautiful writing and chilling concepts you’ll face.


If you’re looking for another contemplative game, you might want to try Even the Stars. Built in Unity, you wander the universe in search of – well, anything. Warping from location to location, sometimes you’ll emerge in the heat of a blinding sun with emptiness all around you, and others on a small planet with rare wonders. With the ever-present threat of age, you’ll want to explore as much as you can with the little fuel you have available to you.

Sol was made for Ludum Dare 30, with the theme of connected worlds. It’s a fun, simple mechanic – the idea is to populate all the planets in a system by linking them to one another, though you’re limited by fuel. If there’s one flaw, it can be tricky to get the view lined up, but it’s well worth a play if you can ignore that!


If you fancy something more light-hearted, Bras and Balls is available both online and on the Google play store. It’s a cute little game about dressing up for a mermaid ball, featuring mini-quizzes about sealife and awful/wonderful puns. Seriously – make sure you try wearing the seahorse, the other ball guests responses are delightful.

Finally, if you’re up for a challenge, try Liberation, My Love. Described as having “4-5 hours of gameplay and 3,000 deaths”, I can see why having spent forever falling repeatedly on to the same set of spikes. That’s more a comment on my own inabilities than the game, mind you. With a fun synth-jazz soundtrack, tough puzzles and a quirky aesthetic, it’s definitely worth a try.

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Jenni is studying philosophy and religion, but likes to pretend her two true loves (gaming and science fiction) are totally relevant to that. When she isn't playing games, you can find her making exciting things in museums or hidden in a pile of books. You can find her on twitter @geekessays.

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