You only get one roundup of my favourite Ludum Dare games. Well, this week anyway. Much as I thematically like the idea of only giving you one, I liked too many of the entries, so keep an eye out for part two of this next week.

To start with, there’s Rude Bear Resurrection. This revolves around the idea that only one player can ever win the game – the rest of you can only help. Ploughing through a castle filled with deathtraps, your fallen corpse will assist (or annoy, depending on how lovely a player you are) following players – and if you’re so inclined you can open easier passageways through hard zones. Or leave them to suffer as you did. I’d love it if you were nice though, because then maybe I’d get a little further.

drainMy next pick, Polytonia Music takes the theme in a completely different direction, starting from the premise that there’s only one true masterpiece. It’s a great little music game which manages to really test your rhythmic ability rather than your ability to remember buttons, relying on the mouse to play.

If you’re looking for something a bit more minimalistic, Drain is the game for you. You have a limited amount of energy which you need to move around linked spheres whilst dodging attacks from outside. Sounds simple, but this basic mechanic makes for a truly challenging game.

charon Ever wondered how a 2D labyrinth would look? Check out Charon. I’ll be honest, it threw me a little – you can’t go back on yourself, as each new ‘zone’ has different options depending on where you go. Once you’ve got the hang of it, though, it’s intriguing – and the artwork is gorgeous.

As for one of more interesting takes on the concept I’ve seen – One Fertilization is neat! The gameplay is easy, just swimming around towards a goal, but it’s worth a look just because I love the angle they took!


So that’s five of my favourites – keep an eye out for next week, when I’ll share another five with you.

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Jenni is studying philosophy and religion, but likes to pretend her two true loves (gaming and science fiction) are totally relevant to that. When she isn't playing games, you can find her making exciting things in museums or hidden in a pile of books. You can find her on twitter @geekessays.

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