Kidding, kidding, of course we’ve found a whole host of games for you this week, so let’s kick it off with…hang on, where is it? I’m sure I put it somewhere…

404 Missing Page Detective Agency not only has a great name, but a great sense of humour. Made for Dublin Twine Jam, it’s a noir-style investigation game available to play in your browser. Your job is simple – assist the living web protocols you encounter and try not to get killed on the way. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with the technical terms either – they’re all nicely explained, so you can learn as you go! It’s also just one of a few games by the same company – Snozbot – to make me laugh this week, so indulge me whilst I highlight two more.


There’s Snozbot Air, a mock check-in process for what appears to be the world’s worst airline. This features some great writing, and is worth going through as many options as you can, just to see what they’ve come up with. Then there’s Super Sword Sword Shield which is an endless runner filled with archers, skeletons and sorcerers all trying to knock you off your horse. It’s frustrating, but in the best possible way – you’ll keep playing to get that bit further every time.

Another game that had me in stitches this week is Character Creator. A short and sweet parody of fantasy RPGs and their character creation screens, it’s witty, familiar and spot-on.

If there’s one thing cooler than robots in video games, it’s robots in real life. Control Sid, a robot arm powered by a Raspberry Pi, over the internet and try to throw balls into holes. An ingenious concept that bridges the virtual and physical world.


Finally, for those of you who may have missed this gem when it first appeared, there’s A Dark Room. This game begins quite simply – with you, a dark room, and a fire. Don’t let that deceive you though – it grows into something quite special.

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Jenni is studying philosophy and religion, but likes to pretend her two true loves (gaming and science fiction) are totally relevant to that. When she isn't playing games, you can find her making exciting things in museums or hidden in a pile of books. You can find her on twitter @geekessays.

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