Take on the MMORPG world of Mortal Online originally released in 2010, now available on Steam.

The medieval fantasy game released onto Steam yesterday after going through the Steam Greenlight process. The developer Star Vault AB has been hard at work in getting this Ultima Online inspired game ready for Steam users to check out. Mortal Online is a free MMORPG with a premium subscription similar to RuneScape, but not quite as limiting.

Reminiscent of the Elder Scrolls franchise, the developer gives players the tools to explore and create to their heart’s desire. As opposed to many MMO’s where you’re in third person or an isometric view, Mortal Online goes the first person route.  It focuses on a medieval theme as the foundation with fantasy mixed in.

You can choose to go the PvP route in hunting players or perhaps explore a different role in crafting and trading. By not having any specific classes or roles for players to be locked into, you’re able to do as much or little as you choose. It’s a bit dated with graphics on the scale of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

My question is in the sandbox portion of the game. As someone who has grinded alone in Haven & Hearth to put together a small log cabin, I’m curious how much a single person can accomplish. The Steam page for Mortal Online states “Strength in numbers,” which of course makes sense in any MMORPG. I’d wonder how much you can get away with alone or if you’re forced into joining a guild and can’t quite build your own little hut.