Game Jam’s are one of my favourite things about the Indie Game Community. Huge numbers of people come together either online or in person with a common goal, making a game against the clock, usually with a theme to involve that they don’t know until the time limit begins. It’s a chance for people to test out their wildest ideas without having to make a full length game, a chance to take some risks and it’s often a breeding ground for creative and experimental game concepts. We at Indie Haven love seeing new game concepts, so we’ve decided to start showcasing some of our favourite games from various game jams, starting with LD48.

First up is Developer Ashley Ross, who worked as part of a three person team to create a platformer with a twist in just 72 hours. The end result, .Dot, was an inventive game, playable currently for free on PC, OS/X, Linux and Android from the games page found here.

Laura: Okay, could you start by introducing yourself and giving us a brief one line description of your game?

Ashley Ross: Sure, I’m SudoRossy, Lead dev of OmNomCom and I worked with my musician and an outside artist on this game. It was made for the Jam in 72 hours. It’s a running platform game, similar to Canabalt, but with a time-stop mechanic you use to solve various puzzles.

Laura: Awesome. Could you tell us about the theme of the game jam and how you chose to incorporate it into your game?

Ashley Ross: The theme of the jam was Minimalism, we incorporated that in the character and world design, but most importantly the look of the game when time stopped. Everything besides the player stopped moving. The colours were muted in tone (besides puzzle objects), and we faded out some tracks of the music.

Laura: Awesome, was this your first game jam?

Ashley Ross: No, I’ve been doing them since LD22 in December 2011

Laura: And how did this game jam compare to others you’ve taken part in before?

Ashley Ross: I think it was the best one I’ve ever done. I love the direction the art and music took, and I feel like it’s a complete game, unlike past entries.

Laura: Fantastic. Lastly, what was the biggest challenge you faced working on the game?

Ashley Ross: I’d say management. It’s hard keeping everyone productive on a jam game! I was the lead on the jam, and it’s hard coming up with a list of tasks for the artist/musician when you’re on such a time limit.

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