He may have been seemingly shafted by Peter Molyneux’s wild promises, but ‘God of Gods’ Bryan Henderson hasn’t been put off of the games industry just yet.

Bryan has been working with Owl Cave (Richard & Alice) for their new point-and-click adventure collection The Charnel House Trilogy, producing music. This is Bryan’s first time producing music for games, and he has been working on The Charnel House Trilogy with friend and recording partner Callum Stevenson.

Bryan has been involved with Owl Cave since the recent controversy surrounding the failure of Godus, a game he was promised a share of the revenue to for winning 22Cans’ Curiosity.

Owl Cave caught wind of Bryan wanting to produce music for games through a recent interview on Eurogamer, and requested help with their game. The sample Bryan sent developer Ashton Raze was the “perfect” sound, and so he joined to assist with The Charnel House Trilogy’s soundtrack.

It’s great to see something good come out of, and for that controversy to springboard him in to work on an actual commercial product is fantastic news.


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  • From what I’ve seen/understood about this game it seems like going from Peter Molyneux’s stable to this team would be a turn straight out of left field. It would be interesting to learn what the difference is pay grade/arrangement wise and how much time is really involved in music for this effort.