The windows based stealth-puzzle game Gunpoint from Suspicious Developments is set to release next Monday, June 3rd. Several editions were announced today, each including additional bonus content the more willing you are to pay. Even better, each tier is available at a reduced price for a limited time.

Standard Edition: 10$ 9$ gets you a DRM free and Steam version of Gunpoint.

Special Edition: 20$ 15$ gets you all the bonuses of previous tiers as well as full game soundtrack and in game developer commentary on all levels. Developers appear as sprites in game, which can be killed if you so choose.

Exclusive Edition: 30$ 27$ gets you all the bonuses of previous tiers as well as a 40 minute making of documentary, 9 playable snapshots of Gunpoint at various stages of development, 4 exclusive song tracks, and priority beta access for future Suspicious Developments projects.

Gunpoint is a game where each level involves infiltrating your way into a heavily guarded building, stealing a specific piece of data and then escaping without detection. Your spy is given many gadgets to get the job done but the most important of these is the Crosslink mode, which allows you to remotely rewire the way certain objects (doors, lights, traps) work.

If your are interested in trying Gunpoint, there is a demo available on Steam.

Source: Gunpoint