Ibb and Obb is a beautifully crafted experience that encourages teamwork and friendship above all else. It’s created in such a way that, at all times, both players working together can feel equally important. It caters to both the hardcore gamer and the casual player equally well by creating puzzles that can be solved with minimal video game knowledge and enacted with minimal gameplay practice, while giving me challenges to complete that felt like I was having a tangible effect on the progress of my co-op partner.

It’s a simple game with minimal story. It drops characters into a very colourful and relaxed world with their only goal being to progress from left to right, while aiding each other. The thing that makes Ibb and Obb’s world unique is a series of portals on the floor passing through the level with gravity acting toward this floor on either side.

Sometimes these Portals will allow both players to pass through as they wish. Others are colour coded and can only be used by one of the characters, meaning that there’s usually effective signposting as to the solution of a puzzle. It’s less about difficulty, more about working together to complete the challenges.


Much like the Portal series, characters travelling through portals in Ibb and Obb maintain their momentum. The fact that gravity switches through portals adds an interesting spin to this mechanic, and makes for some amazing moments of jumping and traveling in an almost complete loop, landing near where you started but in a location that previously seemed impossible to reach. These are Ibb and Obb’s best moments, the times where a seemingly impossible task suddenly becomes simple due to interactions between the two characters and the world. I found myself grinning ear to ear every time I worked out a toughy puzzle, not only because I had completed it, but in amusement at how simple the solution had been.

When separated, the objectives require both players to do separate but equally important and simple tasks. One example is that monsters that impossible to pass on one side may be easy to kill from the other, but drop collectables on the dangerous side when killed, forcing one player to clear the path, and the other to collect the rewards before they’re gone for good. This means that the rewards are usually split equally between the players, be it the reward of clearing the path the reward of being the one to collect the collectables produced. The colour coded portals ensure that these puzzles are evenly distributed, getting both players to try their hand at both aspects of each interaction type.

ibb and obb - world 4-1

Ibb and Obb’s art style is fairly simplistic, but uses a beautiful pastel colour palette, with lots of unique abstract designs to create a world that’s constantly fascinating to travel through and watch pass. A definite example of less being more in Indie game art design. It’s beautiful, memorable and feels distinct and different to anything else I’ve played.

Options exist to control both Ibb and Obb with a single controller, as well as there being the option to play with friends online, but the best way to play the game by far is good old fashioned couch multiplayer. It’s a wonderful bonding experience between friends and lead to some really enjoyable moments.Playing online creates some frustrations with communication, and single player control of both characters makes simple puzzles much more difficult, due to the complex nature of coordinating both Ibb and Obb.

Wrap Up

Ibb and Obb uses its minimalism to its advantage. It’s beautifully built with wonderfully paced puzzles and is great to work through with a friend. I have very little bad to say about this game, besides that to get the most from it you’ll need another friend, able to come to your house, who’s into the genre too.

score of 8

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