Over the past few months, several indie developers have accused digital distribution service Desura, and connected bundle site Indie Royale, of failing to pay them.

The complaints go back as far as six months, when Paranautical Activity developer Mike Maulbeck complained Desura had not paid him until publicly tweeting and shaming the company. He’s not the only one; developers have been pointing out the issue for months on Reddit (twice), Gamedev.net, and even Desura’s own forums.  In addition, developer Jayson Margalus cites a change of office, corporate structure, and BadJuju’s CEO being hospitalized as contributing to these problems.

Desura has responded to these accusations in a press release, attempting to reassure developers that the company is aware of the issue, and that they will eventually receive payment:

“We are not refusing to pay you, this is a promise. There are delays, and issues which need work to correct, but we will absolutely be paying all accounts due. If you have not reached out about your issue, please email one of the above addresses, and you WILL get a reply from me personally. You do matter, and we are taking this very seriously

I hope that this will help to allay some of the fear and anger surrounding this. I do understand the frustration, and we are already working on changes. The entire site and client are being completely redone, to give developers far more control. I hope that our devs will work with us on the solutions, and will please bear with us a little while longer as we implement the changes that are needed.”


The problems are claimed to stem from a change in management several months ago, when Linden Labs sold Desura to BadJuJu.

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