Yesterday Greenheart Studios released Game Dev Tycoon, a video game company sim, but they also released a special cracked version onto torrent sites. Stealing this version of Game Dev Tycoon will eventually present the player the task of dealing with players pirating their virtual games. Pirated copies means less revenue for the studio, making it impossible to proceed in the cracked version.


If you have ever wondered how much piracy effects the industry, take a look at this ratio of pirated copies to legitimate ones after a single day of sales.


Even though a whopping 93.6% of gamers decided to pirate the game versus buy it, game creator Patrick Klug isn’t mad at them. He explains that when he was younger, pirating games was basically a social norm. However he stresses that if players want to see a sequel or extra content they should support the game.

Game Dev Tycoon is available for only $8, DRM free on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Source: Greenheart Blog