Are you an Indie Developer? Are you unable to showcase your game at Eurogamer this coming long weekend? Are you in or around London anyway and looking for somewhere to show off your games, get them covered by the wonderful Indie Haven Staff and meet other Indie Devs and Indie Game Fans? I should probably stop asking questions and just tell you already, Indie Haven are commandeering the Loading gaming cafe in Soho, London, 18:30 until 22:30 on Thursday September 26th until Saturday September 28th. Best of all, everyone’s invited.

If you’re interested in showing your game off on one of more of those days send me an email at I’ll update this article as we begin to confirm attending Indies.


Grandpa Pixel (Legena Trilogy and RPG Engine)

Dan Pearce (10 Second Ninja)

James Coote (Executive Star)

Richard Ogden (Minutes)

Utopian World of Sandwiches (Chompy Chomp Chomp)


Grandpa Pixel (Legena Trilogy and RPG Engine)

Richard Ogden (Minutes)

Tim Stoddard (Secret of Escape)

Chris Lord (Unnamed Project)


Ashley Gwinnell (Toast Time)

Grandpa Pixel (Legena Trilogy and RPG Engine)

Simon Roth (Maia)

Joe Bain (Rotherhithe)

Alan Zucconi (Still Time)

We do have some limited access to TV screens at the venue, so people wanting to show off their games on TV will need to email me about doing so ASAP. Ideally Developers will bring builds of their game that can be shown off without needing one of the venue’s TV’s.

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  • Quang

    Think I’ll stop by this evening to check out what’s going on.
    Maybe even do some coding.