We at Indie Haven like to get you as close as possible to the games you love and the people making them. That’s why every month we aim to bring together a wide selection of of Indie Developers from all walks of life, from BAFTA winners to teenage and student devs, to discuss the hottest issues affecting games, development, coverage and the Indie community. These chats will be broken up into chunks and released across the month, before we start all over again with new developers and new questions.

This month we welcome a brand new group of developers to the Roundtable. We’ve got Tom Vian (Developer at SFB, creators of Haunt the House: Terrortown), Alan Zucconi (Creator of time travel puzzle game Still Time), Ashley Ross (lead developer at OmNomCom and creator of the upcoming game Girl With a Laser Cannon), Jennifer Schneidereit (co-founder of Nyamyam, creators of Tengami) and Andrew Roper (Recent University graduate working on the game Lazarus). Owen Harris (Studio Head at bitSmith games) also joins us toward the end of the Roundtable.

If you’re an Indie Dev of any size that would like to take part in a future roundtable, please email Laurak@IndieHaven.com and let us know a little about yourself. The more the merrier.

“What’s everyone’s take on the current state of/ atmosphere in the UK Indie Community?”

Ashley Ross: UK indie community is amazing. There’s at least one event of some kind each month, usually more. Much more if you include local meet ups! I love how, due to the relatively small size of Britain, everyone seems to know everyone else. That’s nice. Helps you to get contacts in the right places too.

Owen Harris: My perspective of the UK community from here in Ireland is that it has been really supportive and helpful to our burgeoning little scene.

Jennifer Schneidereit: The community seems to be growing together more and more. There are a lot of game dev meet ups across the country and everyone is really welcoming.

Owen Harris: Many of your luminaries have been a massive help to us at Bitsmith

Ashley Ross: The atmosphere is 90% friendly as well. Which is much better than most other groups of people. There are outliers, of course, but that’s to be expected in any community and we tend to be rather quick in our shunning of said outliers.

Owen Harris: Our main challenge is the youth of UK Indie as a scene and the lack of experience and I plan on engaging with the UK community extensively this year to mitigate that.

Alan Zucconi: I am part only of the London Indie community, so I can’t really say anything about other cities, even though I know that there is a huge group of Indies in Cambdrige. My experience with London has been really positive. I managed to participate and present my games at several events by just informally talking or writing to the organiser. So far, people have been very supportive. Every month there is London Indies in Angel and it is amazing how you have the chance to talk to very famous game developers …while drinking a beer!

Owen Harris: The problem with the scene’s youth is that we do not have more experienced designers to turn to when things are going wrong. The other thing is that we are making a lot of mistakes and as a result progress can be slow, but progress is happening. The Irish scene is so much stronger than it was a year ago, and two years ago it barely even existed.

And with that we end another segment of Indie Dev Roundtable here at Indie Haven. Tomorrow we begin again with a brand new group of developers and a new set of topics to discuss. Let us know who you’d like to see in future roundtables or what topics you’d like discussed in the comments below or on Twitter @Indie_Haven. 

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