Hey, you! Yeah, you. Do you like indie games? Do you like writing about indie games? Be it reviews, news, interviews, previews, or even an interesting idea about indie games that you’ve been dying to explore in a feature or an opinion piece?

Well, you’re just in luck! Here at Indie Haven, we’re looking to bring more people on-board, and that could be YOU!

I’m George, and as of January of this year I’ve been the Editor-in-chief of Indie Haven. We’re a mid-tier gaming journalism site that’s been running for five years, and have a quite successful alumni including former Destructoid staffers and LPVG Co-Editors-in-chief Laura Kate Dale and Joe Parlock, and connections in the industry to various PR outlets and development studios.

We’re looking to bring on some new Contributors for the site who are excited about the prospect of a career in games journalism and are looking to gain the experience of having a team of editors and colleagues who can help them improve their craft.

Contributors at Indie Haven are free to pursue whatever kind of games journalism they’d like, in order to provide as many opportunities to learn and experiment with different mediums and categories. But, if you like the idea of focusing on reviews, news, or even video content, then feel free to let us know in your application if it’s something you want to pursue.

It’s important to know that Indie Haven is a voluntary website, so if we do bring you on-board, we won’t be able to give you an income. But what we can’t pay you in money, we can pay you in a wealth of knowledge and aid in refining your skills as best as we can.

Interested? If you are, then send an application to tips@indiehaven.com, with the subject line ‘Contributor Application.’ Write about why you’re interested in writing for us, what you feel you can bring to the table, any prior experience you might have (not required) and provide at least three examples of work that you’ve produced (this doesn’t need to be for a big-time publication, it can be something you’ve written on your personal blog) and is best suited to what kind of role at the site you’re looking for! (If it’s a general Contributor role then provide a mixture of stuff.)

And as a final note: we at Indie Haven pride ourselves in trying to provide as diverse a perspective as possible on indie games and the games industry, so we’re especially interested in applications from minority groups who may have a unique angle on a lot of the games we cover and the events we discuss, but we still accept applications from everyone.

We’re looking forward to see what all of you have to offer!


About The Author


Astrid is the equivalent of Lenin if Indie Haven were the Bolshevik Party. But it's not, she's just the Editor-in-Chief. When she's not mashing Communism into video games and writing about how it makes sense on her personal website, they're manning the ship here, as well as writing news, reviews, and features all about the indie games industry.

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