If you’re a regular at Indie events in the UK you may know him best as that Developer who’s always giving out biscuits to try and get people playing his awesome game. He’s lovely, he’s fashionable and he’s working on one of the coolest Indie games out there. Yes, this week’s Indie of the Week, Nominated by @MGPNightShift on Twitter, is Alan Zucconi.

Best known for being the man behind the hugely exciting Still Time (Read our highly positive Preview here), Alan responded to seeing his nomination for this award by saying “Hehe thank you! 🙂 I guess all those #biscuits are starting to pay back! :-)”

We highly recomend reading some of our Developer Roundtables with him here, as well as following him on Twitter at @AlanZucconi. Check out the embedded trailer for Still time too, as it’s awesome.

Every Saturday we crown a new Indie of the Week. If you want to nominate an Indie, email us your pitch for why they should be our IOTW to Laurak@IndieHaven.com

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