Yesterday I livestreamed the most beautiful ten minute game on the Indie Haven Twitch channel, titled Castles in the Sky. It’s a simple to control game that tasks you with helping a small child jump up through the clouds, reading a bedtime story and listening to a beautiful and relaxing piano soundtrack. It’s cheap, it’s beautiful and playing it before bed it going to become a ritual for me, at least for the next few weeks. Today, we crown it’s creators Jack De Quidt and Dan Pearce our Indies of the Week for the next seven days.

I had intended to embed yesterdays livestream into the award page, but Twitch was acting up and didn’t archive our stream. Instead, I’ve found a beautiful playthrough on Youtube to share.

Special thanks to Elaine Dore for suggesting them with this tweet “I think it should be paired, @GameDesignDan and @notquitereal for making an amazingly emotive game!”.

You can pre order the game (out October 18th, just in time for them to still be Indie of The Week) for a paltry $1.50 USD. That’s nothing. That’s cheaper than any physical children’s bed time story would be. It comes with the soundtrack too, so go check it out and support this beautiful story.

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