This week we had Shahid Kamal Ahmad on The Indie Haven Podcast as our special guest for the week, and my word was he a special guest and a half. best known as that guy you should tweet if you want to see an Indie game on Sony hardware, he’s without a doubt the most passionate supporter of Indie games I’ve had the pleasure to talk to. His passion for Indie games, Indie Development and Indie Developers is truly contagious and a wonder to behold. If you ever get the chance to chat to him about Indie games, do it.

What you may not know about him is that he’s also an Indie Developer himself.

Here’s the story. There’s a 28 year old ZX Spectrum game that Shahid developed called Chimera, many of you may not know much about it so there’s some additional reading material on the original game here. Twenty five years after it’s original release, Shahid got to work on getting back into development, working on an updated re-release of the original game.

Since then Shahid has been maintaining a blog on his progress both with the re-release of the original, followed now by updates about the game’s potential sequel that’s in the works. He’s busy teaching himself more modern development tools, updating the formula to support modern conveniences and creating something I’m excited to keep my eyes on and see more of.

There are very few people in this world as passionate about Indie Development as Shahid and I can’t wait to see the kind of game that emerges from that inspiringly passionate attitude. Shahid, you’re our Indie of the Week.

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