Just Past Fresh is a new video series where we’ll be examining the first levels of games that slipped past the Indie Haven radar because their launches were quiet or because we were busy. This will be an opportunity to give a few first impressions for some games you may not know about. I will end every video by giving you a suggestion about whether the game is worth your time.

Our first game, Apotheon, is a bit of a disappointment. It is a pretty game, but it has very little of substance backing that beauty. Nothing about it is bad, but nothing about it is good either. Apotheon has a unique art style, but it looks out of place amid its standard fantasy music, slightly clunky controls, and story liberally stolen from God of War 3. If Apotheon had anything to differentiate itself from its contemporaries other than its unique art style, I would be giving it a wholehearted recommendation. As it stands, its barest competence and graphics are enough for me to suggest it to fans of the art style or people looking for a Metroidvania game to fill some time.

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Niko Berry was summoned to this plane by nerd-diabolists eons ago. In spite of the dark omens of his arrival, he mostly just writes about video games on the internet.

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