The past week in the world of Kickstarter saw the walking dead front and center. No, not the show, but the undead, with several developers stepping into the horror realm. Others brought forward original ideas; one of which includes the integration of stop-motion animation with video games. So without further ado, welcome to our first, Kickstarter Weekly.

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Spark Rising – Funding Goal: $17,000
Wicked Loot

I love voxel games. I really do. To me they encapsulate the 8-bit era art style with a modern twist. Combine this with user created content and an immersive world, where almost anything can happen, and you get the recipe for one hell of game. I’m assuming that’s what the team at Wicked Loot had in mind when they came up with the idea of Spark Rising. What’s nice about Spark Rising is that it gives a little more purpose to the sandbox genre. For example, if I want to build a robot dinosaur that shoots atomic acid rainbows out of its tiny arms, I can, but more importantly I can let it loose on the world and watch the chaos. 968ba8e35a4fea7fafdb0ea5d2b9ddca_largeWicked Loot is looking for a modest $17,000 by Oct.30. $10 gets you a copy of the game on Mac or PC. For $5,000 you can become the games ultimate villain (see robo dino reference,) where every played must stop your galactic invasion campaign mode.

Spark Rising is ambitious and I love it. Wicked Loot will defiantly be getting my money.” – Adam

Winged Sakura – Funding Goal: $20,000
Winged Sakura

Touted as an anime themed video game, Winged Sakura combines RPG mechanics with traditional tower defense. The team from Surrey, B.C., Canada, is looking to raise $20,000 to finish production of Winged Sakura. Anyone who is familiar with Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes will notice similar gameplay mechanics; of course here, adorable anime characters take center stage. Currently Winged Sakura is planned for release on PC, with the intention of ports if the project exceeds its goal. Pledges of $15 or more will secure you the title. $30 will get you into the beta and if you’re feeling extra generous, the top pledge of $1,337 will land you all characters, merchandise and the credit of top supporter.

“I’ve played Might and Magic, and it’s a lot of fun. If Winged Sakura can capture that essence and deliver it with an anime twist, it could become a great game to play.” – Adam

49a09caa89cd875cf82cf3edd3a41bc7_largeLiora – Funding Goal: $25,000
Trinity Wasteland

“RPG Meets Tower Defense”, this is the headline Liora developer Trinity Wasteland is touting for his latest project. This iOS and Android device title is attempting to reinvigorate and innovate on the Tower Defense genre in subtle ways. Most notably, players will have to adapt to the refreshing “three lane” approach to tower defense gameplay. In terms of visual design, Liora is a genuinely interesting blend of bizarre anime-type characters placed on conventional ethnic backgrounds. Trinity Wasteland is seeking a mere $25,000 by November 4 to fund Liora. For a minimum $1 pledge, investors will receive a special thank you e-mail from the developer and a unique desktop wallpaper. For a maximum of $5,000, investors get to have dinner with the creator in Toronto, get to put their own 3D character model into the game, a signed Liora poster, and even a Teddy-bear version of the character Petro.

“If you’re in the mood for a mobile Tower Defense game that spices things up a bit, Liora might just be right up your alley.” – Andre

Sassy Wasteland – Funding Goal: $3,000
Josh McCurry

“An Old-School RPG that involves time travel, robots, and zombie,” this is how Josh McCurry portrays Sassy Wasteland. The game isn’t trying to be groundbreaking, opting instead to rely on traditional role-playing elements. This means turn-based combat, random encounters, and dungeon crawling. Similar to classics like Chrono Trigger, Sassy Wasteland tells a time-bending story of a group of people who survive a zombie apocalypse, but are sent forward into the future over the course of a millennia. McCurry needs $3,000 by October 27 to move production on Sassy Wasteland forward. With a minimum pledge of $10, investors will get access to all testable versions of the game. With a maximum pledge of $200, investors will get their likeness included in the game.

Sassy Wasteland takes a lot of inspiration from the classic 16-bit Square Enix RPGs. If you’re a sucker for the golden era of role-playing, I don’t know how you could ignore this game.” – Andre

Middle of Nowhere – Funding Goal: £25,000
Aaron Wilde

Delivering a personal experience is never an easy task, but Aaron Wilde is hoping to change that with his survival horror game Middle of Nowhere. Taking inspiration from genre classics Resident Evil and Silent Hill, Wilde is hoping to create the fearful familiarity fans of the genre know so well. 8b20fa4453a5ded20021b2e67ecc6326_largePost-apocalyptic has always been a good setting to instill loneliness and scarce resources. Wilde’s goal is £25,000, and closes Nov. 1. For £9 you can unlock the game on PC and for £250 you can help shape the world of Middle of Nowhere, as you assist in development decisions.

“Survival horror isn’t my thing (I’m a wimp,) but if you’re a fan of classic survival horror games, Middle of Nowhere deserves a look.” – Adam

Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim – Funding Goal: $30,000
Ascension Games

“Wind Waker meets Dark Souls,” those are the words of developer Ascension Games describing the feel of Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim. Personally I would have gone with Zelda *insert game of choice* meets vikings.9fb3259331cd79cee2f2bb4a108d260e_large The adventure game will emphasize physics and player-choice. Artistically the game is charming. It carries the same warmth and vibrant colours we acquaint with Zelda games. Cornerstone’s funding goal is a modest $30,000 and closes Oct.26. The $15, I’m In! tier lands you the game on PC, Mac or Linux. For $2,000, you can become a producer, assisting in game design and character development.

Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim, as you can see, shares a lot in common with Zelda, which carries a lot pressure. However, if you’re a fan of Hyrule, this game might just be for you.” – Adam

Predator Realm – Funding Goal: £1,250

I have to give it to the team at ShiftJoy for embarking on this Kickstarter. It’s never easy putting yourself out there, and even harder when everyone on staff is 14-years-old. Predator Realm isn’t revolutionary by any means, but if you enjoy killing the undead originality won’t matter. This third person arena shooter pits players against endless amounts of zombie hordes. ShiftJoy is only asking for £1,250 to help improve game mechanics. £5 will get you the game, while £200 offers a hand written letter, artwork and of course the title. The project closes October 22.

“It needs a little refining, and if the project gets funded it will happen. If you enjoy killing zombies, check it out.” – Adam

Ronan Cray’s Dust Eaters – Funding Goal: $50,000
Crazy Robot Games

Horror writer Ronan Cray takes his first steps into the world of video games with Dust Eaters. Players take the role of three characters, plunged into a decaying world. Your goal… survive! The game is ambitious in nature, taking place through landscapes from around the world. Crazy Robot Games is looking to raise $50,000 to put toward game development. For $25, you can unlock a DRM-free digital copy of Dust Eater, as well as the book it’s based on. If you’re an action figure collector, the Kings of Apocalypse tier will be up your alley. For $10,000, you get two action figures, limited edition poster, 15 copies of the game and an invitation to the launch party. The project ends Nov. 1.

“If Tom Clancy (RiP) can break into the video game industry, it’s safe to say any writer can give it a try.. If Crazy Robot Games can translate Dust Eaters from its pages to pixels, this will be a game to back.” – Adam

Edge of Eternity: Last Day of Universe – Funding Goal: $200,000
Midgar Studio

Edge of Eternity is a Space J-RPG with an old school turn based combat system,” Midgar Studios chose those words specifically to describe their latest project for mobile devices, PC, next-gen consoles, Playstation Vita, and even the Ouya. 6b1d5be17f65eb6ea4b71a41559fb3c1_largeThe most unique aspect of Edge of Eternity is the visual style, which mixes steampunk, medieval, and anime influences together. Gameplay and exploration is modeled after more recent JRPGs like Lost Odyssey. Combat also uses the classic Final Fantasy “Active-Time-Battle” system to add tension to otherwise static battles. The developer is asking for $200,000 by Oct. 26 for full production. Pledging the bare minimum of $1 will guarantee your name in the credits. Conversely, the maximum pledge of $2,500 will allow you to create your own Boss, NPC, Quest, and weapon for the game.

“I see a lot of promise in Edge of Eternity. Every aspect of it is quite inspired and should make for a game any traditional RPG fan should enjoy.” – Andre


Knite & the Ghost Lights – Funding Goal: $35,000
Mobot Studios

Stop-motion unfortunately is a lost art form, but it carries such creativity and hard work, that the end result is always satisfying. This is not to say traditional animation doesn’t carry the same blood, sweat and tears, but stop-motion is on a different level.adafecf8169c25bf5b37701e30eb59c0_large Its animation stripped of the help button. Watch any old monster movie, specifically the original Clash of the Titans or alternatively some of Tim Burton’s work. It’s nostalgic and awesome. So, when I stumbled upon Mobot Studios’ Knite and the Ghost Lights, I was dumbfounded at the concept of stop-motion in a video game. I never would have put the two together, simple because 8-bit is for all intents-and-purposes the stop-motion of the video game realm.

Knite and the Ghost Lights melds the world of Mistland into a side-scrolling action adventure game; taking inspiration from classics like Metroid and Castlevania. The world, the characters… all handcrafted models carved from (I’m assuming,) clay.

26c795811634974cf99c676b84dd5cb7_largeTiers and Rewards:

– $5 – Early access: Get a digital copy of the game on Mac or PC before the official release.
– $20 – Making Mistland: Receive a digital hi-res book detailing the behind the scenes of the project.
– $250 – Own a part of the game: Get a real assortment of small props actually used in the game.
– $2,500 – Live and die in Mistland: Become a villain within the game, based on a model of your likeness.

Mobot is looking to raise $35,000 by Oct. 26.

“It’s eerie and it’s beautiful. Take my money!” – Adam

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    Ignoring that, though, I like the idea of this feature – it’s always neat seeing the sorts of things that are currently on kickstarter. Especially, in this case, Knite – something I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on.

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      Thanks! The links issue is something we’re looking into.