The internet wins the week with two aesthetically unique games. Check it! Kickstarter Weekly Vol. 16!
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Heart&Slash – Funding Goal: $20,000

In the words of the great philosophizer: “Kickstart my heart!” Yes, philosophizer is a word (Microsoft Sam told me so), and no Motely Crue is not an ancient predictor of the end of days.fa3befcb2b3fe50951150662632b7305_large However, their words ring true for developer aheartfulofgames, as they look for backers to kickstart Heart&Slash.

This 3D roguelike brawler for PC, Mac and Linux centers on robots doing what robots do best… killing stuff. Aheartfulofgames looked to industry classics Megaman and Bayonetta for the basis of the title.

In total, players will be able to wield 75 different weapons and equip 60 different body parts as gamers hack and slash their way through the world.
Backers can land this beautiful title for a modest $10.

Darkest Dungeon – Funding Goal: $75,000
Red Hook

The internet won this past week when the masses accumulated and forked out (at the time of writing) $201,402 to fund Darkest Dungeon. And who can blame them? Red Hook brought forth a wickedly crafted gothic inspired RPG. Yes, gothic!
Players recruit flawed heroes to their team, as they travel through forests and crypts. One of my favourite features Red Hook introduced is the affliction system. This system puts an emphasis on your heroes’ personalities as they contend with paranoia and fear. Red Hook says this system will put a meaningful quirk on the decisions players make.249f90316c8b14316f12b442201105fe_large

The art style, in my opinion, is akin to Don’t Starve. Those gloomy crowquill curves and shadows are a beautiful sight to see.

The game is already 269 per cent funded and there’s no end in sight with 21 days to go. Spending the $15 for this PC/Mac title is simply a no brainer.