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Mr. Fiskers – Funding Goal: $38,000KSW Mr Fiskers 01


Mr. Fiskers is a twist on the traditional tower defense formula, with elements of real-time strategy thrown in for good measure. At its core it’s a lane-based defense game and it starts out simply enough: build and upgrade units to defend against waves of enemies. However, as you complete missions you unlock new gadgets and abilities which open up a wide range of options for you. Some gadgets will allow your units to have new powers or interact with one another in cool ways – for instance, a golem that shoots flammable goo and another that throws burning wrenches work well together- and some let you take a more active role in combat.

As this is happening, though, the enemies and bosses you encounter will become more difficult and complex. The game casts you as the eponymous time-travelling adventurer who must move between eras and prevent a rival inventor from ruining history. This sets the stage for a wide variety of levels, each of which has its own unique enemies, bosses and environmental features which can change the way battle works. Settings revealed so far include the ice age, a dinosaur-filled jungle, and what appears to be an ancient-Egyptian desert, and there are plenty more still to be revealed.

The game is only 2% of the way to being funded, and funding will continue until June 4th. A pledge of $15 will get you the game, although there are still a number of slots open in the $12 Early Bird tier. The game is being developed for PC and Mac. Demos for both formats are available on the project’s page!

Adventures of Pip – Funding Goal: $90,000

Tic Toc Games

Adventures of Pip is an interesting action platformer where you play as a pixel named Pip who is on a quest to save his kingdom from the Dark Queen. The Queen has stolen the kingdom’s most valuable resource – it’s pixels – which has the effect of reducing all the civilians to single pixel lifeforms, and removing all threats to her reign. Pip must venture across the world and fight countless enemies to save the day!

KSW Adventures of Pip 01That’s where things get interesting. Killing enemies grants experience which, as well as making you more powerful and granting access to more abilities, will improve how your character looks. As you get stronger, Pip will become more detailed and larger, evolving from a single pixel through to a simple sprite and eventually becoming a fully fledged hero. Evolving can change how the game plays – as a pixel, you attack by jumping on the heads of foes but later stages will grant you the ability to swing weapons in combat. There’s a variety of areas to traverse as well, and each area has its own unique set of enemies so things are constantly changing.

The project is at 9% of its goal, and funding continues until June 4th. A pledge of $15 will net you a copy, although there are still slots open in the $10 Early Bird tier. The game is being developed for Windows and Mac, and TicToc Games hopes to bring it to the WiiU as well.

The Way – Funding Goal: $15,000CADThe Way 02


Inspired by the likes of Another World and Heart of Darkness, The Way is a puzzle platformer set on a strange alien world. You play as an interstellar explorer who lost his beloved and cannot move past her death. He returns to the place of her demise after finding ancient writings on the concept of eternal life, in the hopes of finding the meaning of life itself. The world is an odd and dangerous place, however, and he will have to uncover its secrets and mysteries to find the answers to his own questions.

PlayWay hope to build a strong atmosphere in the game, and tell an emotional story while doing so. However, there looks to be plenty of puzzles and action sequences in the game. Throughout the game you can also pick up a number of alien artifacts to help you out in various situations. These grant you powers like teleportation and telekinesis, and artifacts usually have multiple functions for different situations.

The Way is currently at 67% of its goal, and the project will continue until June 4th. Pledging $15CAD will get you a copy of the game, but the $10CAD Early Bird tier still has room for more backers. The Way is being developed for PC, Mac and Linux and the devs are looking into bringing it to a number of other platforms.

The Old City – Funding Goal: $40,000KSW The Old City 01

PostMod Softworks

Focusing entirely on the story, The Old City is an adventure game that eschews more “gamey” elements in favour of exploration and discovery. There’s a degree of interactivity, but it’s kept to a minimum – what’s there is solely to move the story along. There’s no UI to fiddle with, no enemies to kill and no objectives to shoot for.

Instead, the focus is on exploring the game’s world and its themes. The central concept of the game is that of epistemology, or the nature of knowledge. You control a character known as the Minotaur who lives in a sewer system and wishes to ascend rather than continue to stagnate. The game’s world is large and branches out in a mostly non-linear fashion. There’s a lot of optional content (apparently 75% of the world is optional to explore) which should be worth exploring for the extra information and ideas it can contain. Exploring the world can introduce new ideas into the mix, or offer a new perspective on an already existing idea. The game is designed curiously – it’s framed as a conversation between the world and the character, and the elements that make up the world consist mostly of metaphors or allegory. Beyond that, the game’s screenshots look absolutely gorgeous; so even if the philosophy behind it isn’t your thing, exploring the world should still be a fascinating journey.

The Old City is 21% of the way to its goal, and funding continues until May 28th. Pledging $15 will get you a copy of the game. The game is only being developed for Windows, and is compatible with the Oculus Rift.

KSW Spotlight

Amplitude – Funding Goal: $775,000KSW Amplitude 02


Before Guitar Hero and Rock Band and the like became massive, multi-million dollar hits, and plastic instruments became the industry norm for Rhythm games, Harmonix developed a couple of smaller games – Frequency and its sequel, Amplitude. Players controlled small ships soaring over glowing paths, each of which represented a different part of the song, flipping between paths as necessary. The player had to press buttons in time with the music and the notes flowing down the highways and, if they performed well enough, they would “capture” that segment of the track and be able to move onto another part. It was an interesting take on the genre, and one that was warmly received by critics and consumers alike. Harmonix have taken steps to creating a successor of Amplitude for the PS3 and PS4, and have decided to do so without a publisher via Kickstarter.

This new game, simply called Amplitude, is intended to be a reboot of those old games, keeping all the things that made them great while bringing them to newer consoles. Harmonix intend for the game to have an updated, more suitable soundtrack, better visuals and tighter and more responsive controls. They claim that the practice they’ve had with various other Rhythm titles has allowed them to perfect note charting, as well as telling what sort of songs make for the best experience to play.

The core gameplay, which made the originals so great, is still intact. The game is planned to include single player and local multiplayer, and comes with leaderboards, and a focus on getting the best score possible. The visuals are all updated, crisp and shiny, and everything onscreen moves and pulses in time with the music. Amplitude is also intended to be accessible for everyone, but extremely difficult at higher levels, which should hopefully be enough to satisfy those with a penchant for hard games.

A lot of the musicKSW Amplitude 01 is going to be created especially for the game, to keep things as fun and balanced as possible. The music will be made with the gameplay in mind, in order to facilitate the most enjoyable experience possible. Harmonix has a number of bands made up of staff members, which is where a lot of the soundtrack will be coming from, but they definitely seem to be looking into other sources. For instance, some of the higher tiers allow backers to help decide what music gets added to the tracklist!

Amplitude is currently sitting at 22% of its goal, and the project will continue until May 23rd. Pledging $20 will get you a cross-platform copy of the game, which will work for both the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game!

 KSW Update

Cosmochoria by Nate SchmoldKSW Cosmochoria Update

Cosmochoria was successfully funded, finishing up at 287 percent of its initial goal! The project reached a number of stretch goals, including different difficulty modes, an endless mode and a WiiU port.

Cult County by Renegade Kid

The project was unsuccessful, ending at around 8 percent of its goal. The developers have stated that they are looking into alternatives for the project.

Habitat by 4gencyKSW Prodigy Update

Habitat was funded, ending at 128 percent of its goal.

Prodigy by Hanakai Studio

The game was successfully funded, finishing at 212% of its goal!

Twisted Fusion by Leuvsion

Twisted Fusion was funded, finishing at 134 percent of its goal. The four player co-op stretch goal was reached!